Studying in the UK

Kenichiro Yamada from Japan

Kenichiro Yamada from Japan

General English, IELTS preparation, Business English and Flexi One-to-One

Hi everyone who is visiting this page.

I am Ken, perhaps one of the longest associated students with SGI – I know every thing about the school, teachers, courses and any student gossip!

You might think that I am crazy because when I first came to London 3 years ago, I couldn’t speak any English. So, a level check test (grammar & speaking) was waiting for me on my first day at SGI. I was really nervous, but, do not worry, everyone is the same and the teachers’ warm welcome makes you relaxed.

I first took a General English Course and was placed in the lower intermediate level class. The General English Course covers all the important areas of English language, including Grammar, Writing, Speaking and Listening and each week lesson has different new topics which usually teachers decide.

I also took an Afternoon Conversation Course which focuses more on Speaking and Listening. In this course, you can learn more 'modern' and 'real' English that native English speakers actually use.

I really recommend you to take this course if you want to make a lot of friends. I will never forget that once we went out and took a lesson in the pub, eating English fish & chips and drinking beer! (but, this is not usual). I met people from all over the world from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America. We always went out somewhere after our class and at the weekends, from famous London tourist places, to playing football in the park and clubbing!

After 9 months of General English and Conversation Courses, because I wanted to go to university in the UK, I took SGI’s IELTS Course. Highly experienced teachers give you advice & tips on how to get good marks in the test. You take mock tests each week so that you get used to the test. The course is a little bit more intense and students are more motivated. And guess what I am doing now, I was able to enter a UK University and I am now studying Business & Economics there.

I also took a Business English Course this summer. In this course, the topics and elements you learn are more related to business situations. For instance, the vocabulary you learn, making business phone calls, writing formal letters & emails and how to give presentations and negotiate with clients. I really enjoyed gaining these realistic and useful skills. You might have opportunities to meet students from well known companies, exchanging your business cards.

If you want to experience real British life, a Homestay is a good choice. I actually stayed with a family which has 3 children and a dog in south London for about 6 months. The family was really friendly, especially the mother, she always comforted and took care of me. We sometimes BBQ at the weekends and went to some events such as music concerts or Notting Hill Carnival with the dog. I still keep in touch with them and I call the mother ‘my English mother’.

So, at SGI I saw real improvements in my English language. I could not speak English at all 3 years ago, but I am now writing my story here in English. I am not a superior student or a genius. All you need is to decide to come to SGI and a little effort to study. And keep in your mind ‘Enjoy!’ I had such great fun during my study in London which I cannot write here because it is too much!

Note: General English course and IELTS preparation course Apr 2004 – Nov 2005; Business English courses Summer 2007 and Flexi One-to-One 2009 & 2010